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Sorbecid CAN

Organic Acids

High performance neutralisation of core alkali after the processing in highly alkaline media by removing the alkali from the core of the cellulose fibre

Core Alkali Neutralizers

Sorbefix NF 30

30 to 35%


Performance auxiliary for high cross linking of reactive dyes on cellulose fibre

Sorbefix DFNF 70

68 to 70%


High performance zero formaldehyde auxiliary for fixation of reactive dyes on cellulose

Sorbefix NY 50

50 to 55%


Excellent performance for improved fastness of acid dyes on polyamides like nylon and acrylics

Sorbefix CFL

40 to 50%


High performance auxiliary for improving the fastness of reactive dyes on cellulose and additionally improved fastness to chlorine bleach

Dye Fixators


Dye Levellers

Sorbecol HPDL


High performance dispersing and Levelling Agent for better adsorption of disperse dyes on polyester

Sorbecol LDVRD


Performance Levelling Agent for Vat, Reactive and Direct dyes on cotton and other cellulose substrates

Sorbecol ERGL


Performance dispersing and Levelling Agent for disperse dyeing on polyester

Sorbecol CDL


High performance Levelling Agent for dyeing of cotton and other cellulose in all forms.

Sorbecol FBSE


High performance Levelling Agent required to control the rush of acid dyes on nylon and give levelled dyeing



Sorbecol DAN


High performance dispersing agent to prevent agglomeration and formation of di- tri- and oligo-mers when PES is dyed at elevated temperatures. Perfect uptake of blue and green in dyeing

Sorbecol DISP


Dispersing agent to avoid agglomeration of dispersing dyes during the PES dyeing process

Sorbecol WS Powder


High concentration powder dispersing agent for multi-purpose application including dyeing and washing off



Sorbecol ADAN

Organic Acid

High performance acid donor for dyeing of nylon. Extremely powerful, controlled and incremental release of hydrogen ions with gradual increase in the temperature

Sorbecid SVB

Organic Acid

Strong acid buffer for PES dyeing which maintains the pH at elevated dyeing temperatures

Safacid GD

Organic Acid

Replacement to Acetic acid with the buffer which can be used in multi-purpose application including neutralisation, PES dyeing


Dye Bath Conditioners

Sorbecol DBC

High performance dispersion and chelation of heavy metal ions during dyeing

Sorbe AD

Multi-purpose functionality of creating good dispersion and chelation of heavy metal ions during dyeing and washing off processes

DB Conditioner

Reduction Clearing

Sorbecol OL 400

Acidic RC

High performance reduction clearing agent for removal of unreacted disperse dyes on the surface of polyester substrate

Ecotreat 100

Acidic RC

High performance reduction clearing agent for removal of un-adsorbed disperse dyes on the surface of polyester substrate

Polytron CR

Alkaline RC

High concentration reduction clearing agent for direct usage in alkaline process

Sorbecol RC Powder

Acidic RC

High concentration reduction clear agent for direct use and formulation for performance removal of loose disperse dyes


Washing Off

Wash RP Eco

Enzyme Base

Enzymatic washing off agent with high dispersion properties and elimination of un-reacted reactive dyes on the surface of the substrate

Wash RD

Organo Base

Performance washing off for better washing-off process of cotton and blends. Works well with cost-economics

Wash WP

Enzyme Base

Enzymatic washing off agent with excellent dispersion and high removal action of hydrolysed reactive dyes

Sorbe AD

Organo Base

High performance washing off agent for excellent dispersion and removal of hydrolysed and un-reacted reactive dyes from the substrate

Sorbecol PNDF

Bio Base

Low temperature and biodegradable washing off agent for better fastness properties of the cellulose and blends


Dye Stripping

Sorbecol RS

Reducing Agent

High performance stripping action of the reactive dyes from the cellulose surface with higher efficiency of removal


Oligomer Prevention

Sorbecol ADS Liq


Performance oligomer removal and prevents formation of oligomers during the dyeing process. Can also be used in reduction clearing process.

Sorbecol DAN


High performance and combined action of dispersing and oligomer removal during PES dyeing. Process becomes efficient if it is used in reduction clearing of PES to protect the machine nozzle


Soda Ash Substitute

Sorbecol SAP Q7

1 : 7 of Soda Ash

Powerful substitute to Sodium carbonate or Soda Ash during the fixation process of reactive dyes. Works well at dosages of 1:5 to 1:8 parts of Soda Ash.

Sorbecol SAP Q3

1 : 3 of Soda Ash

Excellent stability in the bath with buffer action throughout the dyeing process of cotton. Works well with 1 part compared to 3 parts of Soda Ash during fixation of reactive dyes

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