Primafin AMI

Natural Oil

Powerful natural oil based anti-bacterial for cotton, polyester and blends. Durable for HL 50+ cycles and passes the AATCC and JIS test standards.

Microfresh AMZ

Organic Compounds

High performance anti-mildew and anti-fungal property for cotton and blends. Durable for HL 20+ cycles and passes the AATCC 30 test protocols.

Anti Microbials

Primafin AMI V

Natural Oil

Powerful natural oil based protection against RnA virus Influenza A which indicates protection against novel Coronavirus strains. Durable for HL 50+ cycles.

Virus Inhibitor


Anti Static

Primalose TM


Anti static, soil release and hydrophilic finish suitable for 100% polyester and blends. Also works well in moisture management and finish required for sports and athleisure wear.

Primalose TM Conc


Concentrated anti-static, soil release and hydrophilic finish for formulation.


Depth Enhancers

Primafin SBAG


High performance depth enhancer of reactive dyed cotton and blends. Shade depth increases upto 30% towards bluer tone.

Primafin NJ 2301


Depth enhancer for polyester to give shade depth increase of upto 35% towards redder tone.


Special Block Silicones

Primafin SENY

Hydrophobic Block

Concentrated and high performance silicone to give very good surface and excellent inner feel on cotton and polyester

Primafin EHSF

Hydrophilic Block

Hydrophilicity and surface feel on cotton and blends and suitable for full whites and dyed substrates

Primafin MP 80

Hydrophilic Block

Hydrophilic and high water retention suitable for terry towel finishing to give overall good surface and bouncy feel

Primafin GEN X

Hydrophobic Block

Fragranced Silicone for no odour finish. Provides good overall surface and inner feel on cotton and blends

Primafin MP 120

Hydrophilic Block

High concentration and shear stable hydrophilic silicone for formulation and suitable for full whites and dyed substrates


Easy Care Wrinkle-Free

Primafin ER Special


Excellent crease recovery for the Easy Care finish on woven substrates. Durable upto HL 20+ cycles with DP rating of 3.5+

Primafin NFR


Formaldehyde free Easy Care finish for crease recovery and is suitable even for children wear. Durable upto HL20+ cycles with DP rating of 3+


Durable Water Repellent

Primafin WAX

Natural Wax

Wax emulsions for coating on textile substrate. Improves compactness and improves stain resistance properties of the fabric.

Crosslinker 043


Highly durable linkages are formed between the water repellent finishes and coatings with Crosslinker 043. Increases durability substantially.

Primafin HPU 630


Concentrated water repellent based on C6 chemistry for cotton, polyester and nylon fabrics. Durable upto HL 20+ cycles.

Microfin HPU ECO


Concentrated fluorine-free durable water repellent for all substrates. Durable upto HL 20+ cycles.


Wicking Height Improvers

Superwick DP 580


Substantially improves warp-wise and weft-wise vertical wicking of moisture or water and stays durable on the substrate.


Fastness Improvers

Primafin FSV

Acrylic Acid

Improves wash and crock fastness of reactive dyed and pigment printed substrate by 0.5 to 1 grade

Primafin TFFS


Improves overall fastness especially wash and crock fastness properties of reactive dyed substrate by 1 grade.


Strength Improvers

Primafin NPU


Improves burst strength of knitted goods. Forms clear and flexible film on the substrate

Primafin HD


Improves tensile strength of the wovens. Resists stitch mark on the fabrics during garment preparation.

Primafin PE 15


Improves tensile strength and acts as a crosslinker for DWR finish


Pilling Resistance

Primafin APW


High performance pilling resistant even on delicate substrates like viscose or rayon. Tested for 40K and 60K cycles.


Aroma Finishes

MicroBurst Series


Variants: 20

Concentrated encapsulated slurry for finishing, coating and printing on textile substrate. Suitable for formulators for applications in FMCG.