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Wet Heat-Set

Performance package to perform excellent heat setting of Elastane blends for further processing without hampering the elasticity property of Lycra

Foam Controllers

Enhances the processing by arresting the foam and not allowing the same to regenerate

Lubricants & Anti Creasing

Prevents crease formation and perform as a lubricant in the process bath

Scouring & Wetting Agents

Surface active agents to substantially wet the greige fabric or yarn for excellent wet processing


Neutralization of peroxide to prevent their presence in the further treatments to ensure high performance results


Eco-friendly catalase and amylase for different functionality in the pre-treatment stage


Stabilizing different oxidising agents used in the textile processing to give high performance results

Chelating & Sequestering Agents

Ability to bind a metal ion and prevent the metal ion from undergoing other chemical reactions or any interference in the process

Special Multi-functional Aid

High performance multifunctional product to give extra-ordinary process results in pre-treatment of cotton and blends



Functional Finishes

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